Nastase accomplishes the second successive success on the macadam

  • - Fairplay and solidarity brought victory to Bogdan Nastase in the Tara Barsei Dunlop- Klar Professional Rally (20 minutes to change the gearbox, a real record)
    - On the podium there were also Viorel Ivan and Sebastian Barbu, those that are on the second and third positions in the overall standings of the Dacia Trophy
    - Tincescu, Gioarsa and Târnovean obtained the first three places in the competition of the rookies, a result following which, for a single point, Florinel takes away the first place from Octavian

    Victorious in Arad, an occasion with which he got back his position as a leader of the Dacia Trophy, Bogdan Nastase approached the Tara Bârsei Dunlop-Klar Professional Trophy with the desire to check a new success. Normally, his task was not at all a simple one, under the conditions Viorel Ivan, the reigning champion, Sebastian Barbu or the main protagonists in the competition of the rookies, Târnovean and Tincescu, had, they, too, victory as an objective.

    The seventh stage of the Dunlop Rally National Championship 2011, a competition performed under the aegis of FRAS, started, as the last year, with the superspecial section Baneasa Rally Show. That was an occasion for the competitors in the internal competition, but also for those enlisted in the Dacia Trophy, to demonstrate their mastership in front of the Bucharest public. The fastest was Ivan, followed by Barbu, Tempestini jr. and Lucian Gârbacea, that reappeared in the rally championship. Târnovean, the occupant of the second place in the season standings, finished the trial only on the fifth place, while Nastase came on the seventh place. The fight for victory was to be fought on the next day, in the forest triangle of Azuga-Sacele-Predeal, where the pilots had to drive seven competitive sections.

    On Saturday morning, Ivan started in force, checking the second ”scratch” with an advance of only 1.4 seconds to Nastase, that reached the same position in the rally standings, too. The third place of the trial, but also of the Trophy standings was occupied by Barbu. For the second trial, the order of the first two was to be reversed, but, giving up just 0.4 seconds, Ivan remained the leader. After the first ”loop”, Barbu kept his third place 3, followed by Gioarsa, that showed a condition close to that in the start of the stage, Tincescu and Tirnovean.

    There followed the first pass on the ”queen” trial of the competition, Sacele-Azuga, with a length of 24.7 km. And Nastase attacked, succeeding in accomplishing, as a premiere for this rally, the fastest time. Moreover, advancing Ivan by exactly 26 seconds, he became the new leader of the competition with a strong advance. Tincescu, the one who accomplished the third time, was closing to Barbu, the one that was on the third step of the provisional podium, while Gioarsa, Gârbacea jr. and Tirnovean, coming at a distance of about 17 seconds, were situated on places 4-6. For the next trial, that preceded a new coming back in the service park, Nastase chacked another ”scratch”, while Tincescu took profit of the problems of Barbu (flat tyre) to go on the third place.

    The next ”loop” brought other two victories on special trials for Nastase and a coming back of Târnovean. ”I had an absolutely unlucky beginning of the day, when I could not get my usual pace. Now, it seems I come back, but it is late. All that I can do is to focus in order to gather as many points as I can and I hope that in Iasi it will be different”, said Octavian. He had reached the fifth place, but it was obvious he could not claim victory in the competition of the rookies and he followed to lose the second place in the standings of the Trophy.

    The service park before the last trial, the second pass on Sacele-Azuga, was also to decide the winner. At the exit of the trial, Bogdan Nastase and Alex Popidan, those who were leading the standings in a forceful manner, heard a strange noise. Very quickly that car started to have more and more difficult problems and, hardly, the two succeeded in bringing it in the service park. The verdict: the gearbox crashed, and the leader of the overall standings of the Dacia Trophy was confronted to the abandon image. But the miracle came. In 20 minutes, the maximum time allowed by the regulation for the F service park, the mechanics changed the gearbox. In order to be within the time range, the mechanic team of the guy from Sibiu was helped along by a series of other mechanics, among them being those in the team of Bogdan Marisca, in the team of George Grigorescu and in the team of Titi Aur. Thus Nastase could drive the last trial, obtaining the third place, after Ivan and Barbu, and finish the competition on the first place. ”This victory belongs to the mechanics. When I realized that I got out in time from the service park and that we would be able to drive the last trial I was extremely excited. I have to thank to all those that came to help us: to cousin Nicu, the mechanic of Bogdan Marisca, to Iulian, from the team of George Grigorescu, to the mechanics of Titi and to all of the others. Thanks to them we could finish the rally and are still leaders in the overall standings of the Dacia Trophy”, said at the end, with a wide smile on his face, Bogdan.

    The second place came to Viorel Ivan, the one that now holds the same position in the stage standings, with an advance of only 0.5 points before Barbu. Classified the third in the Tara Birsei Dunlop- Klar Professional Rally, Sebastian is situated on the same place in the standings of the Dacia Trophy.

    Tincescu, Gioarsa and Tirnovean occupied the places 4-6 and, in the same order, were also on the podium of the rookies'competition, one in which, following the 10 additional points obtained in this round, Florin succeeds in overtaking Octavian, becoming the new leader of the overall standings.