Nastase wins at Arad and becomes again a leader

  • Bogdan Nastase obtained at Arad the second victory in 2011 and, getting profit from the abandon of Ivan, became again the leader of the Dacia Trophy. Moreover, Nastase becomes the first pilot that competes on a Logan 1.6 MPI that gets points in the overall standings of CNRD 2011.
  • Octavian Tirnovean came on the second place and imposed himself in an autoritary manner in the competition of the rookies, and Sebastian Barbu completed the podium of the Arad stage  
  • Only three of the 13 teams being on the start grid abandoned, the percentage of the Logan 1.6 90CP cars reaching the final of the Arad competition being of 76.92%. An excellent result, that reconfirms the reliability of this type of motor cars in a competition that was finished by only 61.1% of the competitors in CNRD 2011, respectively 51.08%, if we count also the foreign sportsmen.  

The 2011 edition of the Rally of Arad was a record competition from the point of view of the number of the competitors being on the start grid, 92 teams aligning at the start of the competition, under the conditions it counted as a stage not for the Dunlop Rally National Championship, but also for the internal competition in Hungary. The traps of the route, reminding at the same time the WRC trials in Japan, but also in Finland, and the high pace of the competition made happen a lot of abandons at the final, the number of those reaching the finish line to exceed by little the half of the total number of participants. The Logan 1.6 MPI model proved yet its reliability under these extremely harsh conditions as well, only 3 of the 13 teams that started in the Dacia Trophy succeeding in finishing the race. And these, under the conditions in which the pilots enlisted in the monobrand competition did not spare at all their cars, a witness of this fact being both the fact that the winner, Bogdan Nastase, got points in the overall standings and his victory in Class 9, completed by the presence of Octavian Tirnovean on the third step of the podium.

The competition began with the superspecial section hosted by the VIK Power circuit in Arad, a trial won by the winner from Sibiu, Sebastian Barbu, that was followed by Viorel Ivan and Bogdan Cornea. But, naturally, the serious things were about to come, the second day having scheduled 10 extremely demanding competitive sections. Barbu began his day with a new ”scratch” and was followed by Bogdan Nastase. The latter declared his intention to obtain a result that would make forgotten his abandon in 2010, but also the one in the previous round, from Sibiu, and was to prove his victory desire by winning the trial number 3 at a distance that allowed him to become the new leader of the competition. It was just the beginning of a performance without a mistake, Nastase peoving himself the fastest on all the competitive sections that remained to be performed, thus obtaining a victory that nobody can question. In the success of Bogdan Nastase contributed Horatiu Baltador, too, the one that normally is the partner of Spartacus Popa. The two pilots had decided to change copilots for the shakedown, but, after the incident where Spartacus Popa was involved on this occasion, Alex Popidan, the mate of Bogdan, needed medical investigations and could not take his place on the right of Nastase anymore, so the latter needed to compete having on his right Horatiu, as well.

Nastase also proved to be the fastest pilot in Class 9 and finished the competition on the tenth place in the FIA standings, becoming the first competitor of the Trophy that gets points in the overall standings of CNRD 2011. ”It was a rally with extremely difficult and spectacular trials, a reason for which I'm extremely glad of the way we performed. The victory obtained here is extremely important, both because it allowed us to get back on the first position in the standings of the Trophy, and for our morale. We needed such a result as we needed air after 3 rounds in which things went not as well as in Brasov, but also after the incident of last year”, declared, at the final, a visibly contented Nastase.

Viorel Ivan, the leader of the Trophy standings before this round, abandoned on the special trial with number 5, the competition being left subsequently by Florin Tincescu and Bogdan Cornea as well, pilots that, at the moment they got out of the race, were in the fight for the victory in the competition of the rookies and a place on the podium in the ”overall”. Finally, the second place was to go to Octavian Tirnovean, the one that also accounted for him the third place in Class 9, and also the victory in the competition of the rookies of the Trophy (where he was followed by Gioarsa and Simone Tempestini), whose leader he became after this round. The third position went to Sebastian Barbu, at the end of a rally in which he had to overpass a lot of problems.