Nicolas Maure and Maria Ştefănescu, Honorary Citizens of Mioveni

  • On Thursday 11 December the General Manager of Automobile Dacia, Nicolas Maure, was awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen of Mioveni town".

    The distinction was awarded by the Local Council of Mioveni within a ceremony where the merits of the secretary of Mioveni, lawyer Maria Ştefănescu, were also acknowledged.

    Nicolas Maure: "Thank you for your invitation to participate in this official meeting, I am particularly honoured of the title granted to me.

    "Honorary citizen of Mioveni" means for me a recognition of the full integration of the company I manage into the community's life. We have in common nice projects in various fields (culture, education, environment), which I hope we will continue successfully, in the same atmosphere of good collaboration we have had so far.

    Thank you once again and, as the end of the year is coming closer, I use this opportunity to wish you Happy Holidays and a very good New Year to you and all citizens of Mioveni! Happy New Year!"

    Maria Ştefănescu: "This title awarded to me is a recognition of my intellectual, physical and psychic effort. I thank the counsellors, regardless of the political parties they belong to, and the mayor for having initiated the decision to award this title to me."

    Several officials were present at the Mioveni Town Hall: the president of CJ Argeş (Argeş County Council), Florin Tecău, the vice-president of CJ Argeş, Constantin Polexe, members of parliament from Argeş (Simona Bucura Oprescu and Şerban Valeca), representatives of Dacia, local and county counsellors, directors of institutions, personalities of the town.