The premiere in Rucar: The reunion of Dacia Duster owners from Romania

  • Within 22nd and 24th of July 011, the owners of Dacia Duster, being part of the Duster Club Association, met together, for the first time, in Rucar. The meeting has been preambled by a visit to Dacia Vehicles Factory in Mioveni, where the members of the club could attend to to some vehicles manufaturing similar to those they are driving.

    The Group, which included Dacia Duster owners from Bucharest and Pitesti, has visited the General Assembling Department and found out novel information about the manufacturing process of a Dacia car, and also about the Dacia Duster model. It represents, at present, more than 50% of the daily production of Dacia Vehicle Factory and has been sold, since the launching and up to the present, more than 140 000 units.

    The “Dusterists” continued their adventure at Rucar where, on Saturday, thei have organzied a cars parade, a beauty contest named « The most sexy Dusty » and an against time race on an off-roading closed-tour in. Whether the most beautiful 4 x 4 proved to be a vehicle from, at the against time race the surprize came from the competitor who performed the second time: a representative of the fair sex.

    In the last day of the reunion, some of the members of Duster4x4everyoane joined the Dacia Duster owners, including the pilots and copilots of Dacia Duster team from Transylvania Adventure Trophy (TAT).

    Marin Marian, Damian Manolache, Stefanita Huma and François Le-Galliot related to the Dacia fans about their adventurea during the TAT time, but also during the off-road National Competition and answered to various questions and curiosities.

    Among the the themes that were discussed there were those regarding the changes to the two Dacia Dustre vehicle for competition, the necessary accessories for off-road, the vehicle weight vs. Its off-road capacities, how some route difficulties can be surpassed, what can and what cannot do a serial Dacia Duster car on an off-road, how to enjoy the nature and the performances of your own car by having, at the same time, an eco-friendly behaviour. Marin Marian made even a demonstration with one of the vehicles used by the team in its movements to various competitions in the country. 

    More information and images are available on:!/DUSTER.4X4.EVERYONE