Prepare your car for winter in advance!

Dacia helps you to drive safely and in comfort ! This year, offers you both useful information, and the necessary motor services to prepare correctly your car from all the points of view for the cold season. 

The first step is to choose correctly your winter tyres, so as they would be compliant with the legal requirements in force. The use of winter tyres is not just a legal obligation, but also a way to increase your safety on public roads during the cold season. It is also important to check the vital fluids of the car, as they behave differently in winter compared to summer and it is important that your fluid for the windscreen in the installation, for example. Don't forget the useful accessories especially during the winter, from the omnipresent scraper to the less used, but useful, snow shovel.

On you find the entire series of services that Automobile Dacia and its network of partners make available for you in order to cross over the cold season safely and in comfort. You can purchase winter tyres, you can change your summer ones with these and you can even park your summer tyres in the special hotel made available for you during the cold season. In addition, you can make the periodical check of your car, the oil change, replace your car battery if it shows signs of fatigue or simply you can prepare your car for winter for special prices.