Two Teams from the women @ renault network on the podium

Driving a Dacia Duster, the team 318 won the eco-driving challenge of the 21st Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles and took second place on the podium in the Crossover category.

Two of the other teams took third and fourth place in the Crossover category.

Throughout this challenging race, the eight participants from the Women @ Renault network – from France, Belgium, and Morocco – demonstrated their resilience, adaptability and team spirit.

This commitment is reflected in their excellent overall placings and in the “First entry” category, in which they claimed the first two places. Team 318 won the eco-driving Logica challenge. This prize rewards the team who has used the least fuel during the race.

Launched one year ago, Dacia Duster gave a further demonstration of its off-road capabilities in this event, as well as its robust strength and reliability. At end-March, it was France’s best-selling SUV.

Reactions at the finishing line

- Sylvie Delcour and Marie Speeckaert, team 318, second in the overall rankings in the Crossover category and winners of the eco-driving Logica challenge

We developed a real sense of team spirit with the other Women @ Renault teams and the three technicians who were following us throughout the rally. Although that doesn’t change the technical difficulties of the event, it creates a sense of support and gives you the energy to keep going.

- Claire Oberti and Julie Salameire, team 315, third in the overall rankings in the Crossover category and winners in the “First entry” category for Crossover vehicles

We found the rally really tough overall, but we’re delighted to have done so well. Being on the podium is the cherry on the cake!