Uzina Dacia produced 1.500.000 vehicles on the X90 platform

Last weekend, from the assembly line of the Uzina Vehicule Dacia there came out the vehicle that marks the manufacture at the Mioveni factory of 1,500,000 vehicles accomplished on the X90 platform. It is about a Logan sedan, 1.2 75 CP, of colour red passion, that will go to a customer in Romania.

During those almost eight years from the manufacture at Mioveni of the first Logan sedan motor car, the range of the vehicles developped on the X90 platform presented a constant evolution. Nowadays, it comprises five models (Logan, Logan MCV, Logan Van, Logan Pick-Up and Sandero with its Stepway version), available in 13 equipment versions and two limited series for the Sandero range.

The manufacture frequency of the Dacia factory is of 1389 vehicles/day.

At present, over 90% of the production volumes are intended to be exported.

Brief History

2004 - Release of the Logan motor car at Technocentre (June)
2006 - Release of Logan MCV at the International Motor Show in Paris (October)
2007 - Release of the Logan Van model (January)
Release of the Logan Pick-Up model at the Bucharest Motor Show (October)
2008 - Release of the Dacia Sandero model at the International Motor Show in Geneve (March)
Release of the Logan facelifts (July) and Logan  MCV (October)
2009 - Release of the Stepway version for Dacia Sandero (June)

Production of the Dacia models manufactured on the X90 platform (2004 – end of August 2011)

 Logan       Logan MCV   Logan VAN  Logan Pick-Up  Sandero  Sandero Stepway
 674028   345135     41649       25323  320426       64508