Uzinele Dacia were ISO 14001 recertified

Automobile Dacia was ISO 14 001 audited and recertified by the SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) independent institute for the environment quality management system.

The audit, performed during the period 14-17 June of this year, envisaged the activities of industrialization and manufacture of vehicles, mecanical component parts and spare parts; engineering, technical consultancy; merchandising and distribution of spare parts and accessories of vehicles, that are performed both on the Mioveni platform, and at Matriţe Dacia, International Logistic Network - Renault Industrie Roumanie and Renault Mecanique Roumanie. The auditors ascertained that the above mentioned activities are in accordance with the demands of the international standard ISO 14 001 in its latest version (2004).

ISO 14 001 certified since June 2005 and recertified in June 2008, Dacia has invested approximately 22 million Euros in environmental protection during the last ten years, in the treatment of waste water, of wastes, of air, soil protection and in natural resources. 

A quality management system supposes the existence of a sustainable policy and of some foreground objectives for the increase of the satisfaction level of a company's customers. At Dacia, there objectives are pursued throughout all the stages of the life cycle of an automobile, beginning from its stages of design, manufacture, up to the merchandising and after-sales services.