In 2017 Dacia Sold over 655,000 Vehicles

  • Romania: Dacia maintains its leadership position with a market share of almost 29%

  • Worldwide: Dacia sales increased by 12%, reaching almost 612,000 units

  • Launched in December, the New Duster expected to be the brand’s success model on the SUV segment


Dacia sales reached 655,235 units in 2017, a 12.2% increase compared with 2016.

Confirmed dynamism on the Romanian market, despite invasion of imported second hand cars

With 43,262 cars sold (+11.3% vs. 2016) and a market share of 29%[1], Dacia remains by far, in 2017 as well, the leader of the Romanian market.

The result is even more remarkable since all models of the Dacia range kept their leadership position on their respective segment.

With a new start in 2017, once again the car scrappage program proved its efficiency. Out of the total cars sold within this program, 47% were Dacia.

With more than 16,200 vehicles sold, which represent approximately 40% of the total sales of the brand, Logan sedan continues to be the most popular Dacia model in Romania.

The result could have been better if the local market had not suffered in 2017 from the massive impact of second hand imported cars, since Romania, last year, sadly recorded a peak in the registrations of used cars.

Logan MCV continued to be the best selling station wagon in Romania (3,200 units). Launched at the end of the 1st semester, the Stepway version already adds up to a quarter of the total sales for Logan MCV.

Sandero rules over the B-hatch segment, and with 8,400 vehicles sold, comes second in the model ranking. It is worth pointing out that over 75% of our clients opted in 2017 for the Sandero Stepway version.

The first generation of Duster broke into a sprint in 2017 and managed to obtain, with almost 8,300 vehicles sold, the best performance over its entire career, before passing on the torch to the New Duster.

Revealed at the Frankfurt motor show, the new Dacia SUV was launched in December on the Romanian market. In only three weeks 600 units were sold, out of which the first 100 were ordered exclusively online.

With more than 950 vehicles sold, out of which 40% in the Stepway version, Lodgy consolidated its leader position on the MPV segment.

Dokker and Dokker VAN also scored good results, the latter reaching, with 3,371 units, its best performance since its launch in 2012.


Sales on foreign markets

In 2017 too, Dacia was on the offensive on international markets. In total, outside Romania, 611, 973 cars were sold, 12% more than in 2016.

Europe dominates the region classification, with more than 460,000 cars registered in 2017.

With almost 120,000 units, which represent the best performance so far, France is the first export destination. Dacia comes 5th in the ranking of best-selling automotive brands in France, immediately after Volkswagen. This result is mainly generated by the success of Duster and Sandero.

Germany comes second, with almost 65,000 units sold.

Italy is third, with over 63,000 units, followed by Spain, where last year 56,000 Dacia vehicles were sold.

In the UK, Dacia sold last year 25,211 units, which places this market on the eighth position.


Top 10 foreign markets in 2017
   Country Units
1 France 119 356
2 Germany 64 918
3 Italy 63 374
4 Spain 56 301
5 Turkey 48 370
6 Morocco 46 848
7 Algeria 30 776
8 UK 25 211
9 Poland 23 944
10 Belgium 20 000


[1] estimated