Commercialized in over 40 countries on 4 continents, Dacia is the most important and best known Romanian car brand.

Its birth certificate comes after the conclusion, in September 1966, of a cooperation agreement between the Romanian state and Renault, following which the Pitesti Car Plant was established. It was to begin its activity in August 1968, when the Dacia 1100 started being manufactured under Renault license. A year later the production of Dacia 1300 started, a true symbol of the brand in the 70s.

After the cooperation with Renault ceased, the company went through a difficult period, succeeding however to maintain a dynamic activity that will enable it to be among the champions of the Romanian industry even in the complicated context of the first years after the 1989 revolution.

The contact with Renault will be resumed in the 90s. On the 2nd of July 1999 the contract through which the French group becomes the majority shareholder of the Mioveni car manufacturer is signed. Dacia becomes thus the 2nd brand of the Renault group. Following an ample and ambitious investment program, Dacia undergoes a thorough modernization and transformation process that will reach a climax with the launch of the Logan model in 2004. Symbol of the true renewal of the brand, Logan is the starting point not only for the development of the Dacia range, but also for a fast-flowing international expansion.

Currently the Dacia line-up comprises 8 models (Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Logan, Logan MCV, Lodgy, Dokker, Dokker VAN and Duster) covering the most important segments of the automotive market in Romania.

Internationally, Dacia established itself as a true symbol of dynamism and commercial success. Thus, over 90% of the Mioveni car plant production is exported, mostly to Western Europe.

Always interested in constantly making evolve its cars, Dacia wants to stay a brand close to its customers, offering cars easy to run in the everyday life, at the best quality/ performance/price ratio.



Total sales: 584 219 units

Romania sales: 38 861 units