Our vision

"A big company cannot focus only on its economic performance, without taking heed of what is going on in society."

"We see our social, societal and environmental responsibility (…) as a practical commitment to the common good." - Carlos Ghosn – CHAIRMAN AND CEO RENAULT


Groupe Renault has a global strategy with respect to corporate responsibility that ensures a responsible management of its activities on all markets where it is present.

The main objectives of our CSR strategy are: the reduction of the negative impact on the environment during the products’ lifecycle and preservation of natural resources, the development of employees and of communities, especially through educational projects and investments in culture; the health of car users, pedestrians and employees, the respect of the equal opportunities principle and a continuously increasing diversity (of gender, religion, ethnicity or social groups). These objectives indicate our capacity of opening to the world and meeting society’s expectations. 


This policy closely follows the international approach the Renault Group has on all markets on which it operates, approach that pursues 7 goals:

  • ensure rigorous ethical behavior in all business areas; guarantee our suppliers’ commitment to social responsibility;
  • provide working conditions which respect human rights and wellbeing, attract new talents and allow staff worldwide to develop, promote diversity and equal opportunities;
  • foster employability by developing the skills of the future;
  • build the principles of the circular economy (resource management, recycling…) into our processes; commit to reduce our environmental impact throughout the full life cycle of the vehicle;
  • contribute to WHO public health objectives of reducing road traffic fatalities, safeguard the health of our staff, road users and society at large;
  • offer innovative and safe mobility solutions for all; 
  • support economically and socially responsible development in the regions where we work through actions that target education and mobility in the local communities.