Part of Renault Technologie Roumanie (RTR)

The Titu Technical Center has as its mission the testing of cars and mechanical parts, especially those from the Global Access range (Logan, Sandero, Duster), manufactured worldwide.

Inaugurated on September 15th 2010, the Titu Technical Center is the 2nd testing center, in terms of size, of the Renault Group worldwide and it has an area of 350 ha. Its staff work with the most recent testing technologies and machines for cars and parts, in various phases of the project, but also in the most diverse climate and road conditions.



The Titu Technical Center has a network of tracks, unique in the region, with a total length of 32 km that enables the in depth analysis of the smallest details related to how cars behave in diverse road and driving conditions. Ten types of tracks, among which the rapid track, the city track, the slope track, the cobblestone track, the wet handling circuits which all simulate difficulties a driver may encounter from rural roads to big city traffic or highways. The major advantage of the testing facilities from Titu is that in a very short time they can simulate an intensive use, equivalent of that of many years for a real client.



The Titu Technical Center buildings host dozens of testing benches for cars, for parts of the car, but also for mechanical parts (engines, gearboxes). Similarly to the tracks, they reproduce driving situations in extreme conditions: very high or low temperatures, wind, etc. The car, or some of its parts, are tested for hours in sun or cold simulators, in booths with different rain intensities or they run on benches that test their clutch, their gearshift, etc.